About Your Occupational / Hand Therapy Professional

Rita Dodd, OTR/L, CHT
Occupational Therapist / Certified Hand Therapist

"I went into this field to help people overcome injury and dysfunction and get back to work and play without pain. I am fascinated by the intricacies of the complex human hand and upper extremities. I enjoy anatomy, splinting and instructing patients on how to help themselves get better. Most people think hand therapists only work with hands. In reality, we focus on the entire upper extremity from the shoulder down the arm to the fingertips. We also increase patients' ability to function independently while recovering from an injured upper extremity."

"Patients say I am friendly, positive and supportive. I also believe in the value of patient education and constant communication with patients and referring physicians. Being a good therapist means being able to think outside the box and be creative with treatments and splinting. My main goal is to help each patient heal and return to their usual activities, including work, sports and hobbies."

Amy McLelland, OTR/L, CHT
Occupational Therapist / Certified Hand Therapist

“I was always interested in occupational therapy, particularly orthopedics and the upper extremities. So I pursued studies in hand therapy. The hand and upper extremity are so complex and intricate that I enjoyed learning about the anatomy and different diagnoses. We are constantly in a learning process and continually altering our treatment plans to provide the most current and best patient care available. I like to provide a relaxed, fun, friendly atmosphere where my patients are motivated and enthusiastic about their rehabilitation. I also believe in one-on-one care and educating patients thoroughly about their conditions and treatments.”

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