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  for personalized hand therapy and results.

At Abilities Hand Rehabilitation, we don’t think you should put up with pain or loss of function for one more minute. Your doctor agrees. That’s why you’ve been referred to us for effective one-on-one occupational and hand therapy, including:

 Orthopedic rehabilitation • Edema control • Work conditioning • Dexterity training • Prosthetic training • Wound management • Scar management • Postsurgical rehabilitation • Strengthening exercises • Sensory re-education • Pain control • Sports injuries • Neurologic disorders • Shoulder, elbow & wrist injuries • Splinting & kinesiotaping • Fractures & dislocations • Peripheral nerve injuries • Repetitive-use disorders • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Soft-tissue trauma • Amputations • Crush injuries • Contracture• Arthritis & tendonitis • Dysfunction of the shoulder, elbow, wrist & hand

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Abilities Hand Rehab
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